Manchester…..The Good, The Bad and the Ugly

Took an early morning trip to Manchester to try and capture some of the Northern Quarters stunning architecture and street art before the city came alive with commuters, night before revelers and resident street sleepers.

Manchester is a fantastic city and the Northern Quarter is the cultural epicenter with it’s bars, street art , live music and fantastic buildings. It’s easy to see why such such a diverse mix of people live and visit the area.

However with all the beauty and “cool” attached to the area there is also the problem of homelessness and poverty which is more than evident in the beggars, rough sleepers and addicts that converge in and around this iconic area of Manchester.

Gallery - HERE



Always looking to improve and better myself I often find myself trawling Youtube for inspiration. I have always wanted to “master” off camera flash photography but the logistics of all the stands and soft-boxes and transmitters and light meters and receivers put me right off, and that was even before the science of putting them all together to get “the shot” is even a factor.

Up steps a video showcasing the Godox AD200 flash unit and wireless transmitter and “BOOM”, I am sold!

Amazon account fired up, necessary equipment ordered, paid for and delivered.

Many many more Youtube channels and videos will have to be watched on this journey but as you can see from the picture there is no shortage of a willing model to help the learning curve. His enthusiasm knew no bounds! ;)